We are specialists in eye cosmetics. We believe in conscious cosmetic choices without compromising on glam. Be inspired to create and embrace your divine beauty with boldness.

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IYSHA - The Collection

IYSHA - The Collection

Explore our collection and embody boldness. 

  • Quality

    We’re always exploring ways to develop and improve your experience.  From our products, to our offers and customer service —we’re committed to bringing you the best!

  • Ethical

    By choosing our products, you can be sure that you’re making a better choice for you and our planet. Our products will never contain  ingredients derived from animals or animal products; nor will they be tested on animals.

  • Inclusive

    We believe in beauty without boundaries. Our products are suitable for all skin tones and genders.

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We love getting out and meeting the Glam Fam! So come down and visit us at our next pop-up event.

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