About Us

IYSHA Ltd was established in 2022 and specialises in vegan and cruelty-free, eye cosmetics. I believe in conscious cosmetic choices without compromising on glam. 

Iysha (pronounced i-sha) means “living,” “prosperous” and “vivacious.” I wanted to create a brand that is bold and daring - the very characteristics that are necessary to make your mark. 

This brand was created to be inclusive. Each product is carefully designed, chosen and tested to ensure quality and a luxury feel.

Each collection is an expression of me and the things that bring beauty to my life, such as my family, my culture and my Creator.

With each brush of eyeshadow and flick of eye liner, IYSHA will make you feel empowered to discover the depths of your unique beauty. Adorn your eyes with glitter and lashes and let them be filled with the power of self-love. 

You don’t have to be the baddest blender or have MUA skills. Our products are easy to use and  suitable for all skin types. Create beauty YOUR WAY. After all, Beauty is beyond what the Eyes can see.